Project Overview

Touriva plans to create a global distributed travel and tourism network with independant providers around the world collaborating through the blockchain to provide a pleasing and uniform customer travel experience. Touriva locations will vary in scale, initially starting with simple bedspaces for backpackers, and culminating in an end goal of opening world class luxury Touriva branded resorts in attractive and exotic locations. Based on Dash, Touriva is a low-cap cryptocurrency supported by a masternode network which is currently over 700 in number. Only 3M Touriva coins will be created.

Project Background

Touriva is based in Dubai's commodity trading district, which is managed by the DMCC. The DMCC are currently setting up a crypto-currency incubation and acceleration scheme, along the lines of the Swiss model, and they aim to be a world class crypto-currency friendly trading and innovation hub. Touriva was concieved and founded with this fact in mind and with the aim of Touriva tokens being one of the first tokens officially traded within the DMCC crypto space.

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Please feel free to join us on our discord channel to get news and updates and chat about the project.

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