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Touriva plans to create a global distributed travel and tourism network with independent providers around the world collaborating through the blockchain to provide a pleasing and uniform customer travel experience. Touriva locations will vary in scale, initially starting with simple bedspaces for backpackers, and culminating in an end goal of opening world class luxury Touriva branded resorts in attractive and exotic locations.


Touriva is a globally distributed corporation supported by a blockchain-based cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin. Tourists can use our app to select and book vacations with hosting providers who are spread around the world. You can also find tourist spots around the world that allow visitors to play Bitcoin casino games and other types of games.

Our goal is to provide a seamless end-user experience

Our goal is to provide a seamless end-user experience where the majority of tourists using Touriva will likely never know or care that the system is powered by crypto.

Exchanges, Touriva coins can currently be traded on crex24. If you're a beginner in trading, trading bots like Bitcoin Buyer are optimal for automated crypto trading. In terms of Bitcoin Buyer review 2023, there are various opinions about the platform, but many users report high profitability. In the future, it will also be possible to trade Touriva coins on our inhouse exchange which will be the main trading market for the Touriva booking app.

Masternodes, The Touriva blockchain is supported by a network of computers known as 'MasterNodes', these computers which are typically hosted on low cost virtual private servers, provide the backbone of the system and are rewarded with an income of Touriva for their participation. For more information about how to set up a Masternode click here.

More Information,
for more information about the Touriva project please read our whitepaper.

Coin info

Technical Specifications

Below you will find a quick overview of Touriva's specifications.

Hash Algorithm



PoW and *POS

Block Reward Ratio

25% PoW and 75 % PoS



Block Time

120 seconds.

Total Supply


Block Reward




Next Halving

Block 525,601


Latest Touriva wallet downloads


The Windows QT wallet is the perfect way to store your Touriva Coins. It also enables you to setup Touriva Masternodes.

Download Windows


The macOS QT wallet is the perfect way to store your Touriva Coins. It also enables you to setup Touriva Masternodes.

Download MacOS

Ubuntu 18.04

The Ubuntu 18.04 QT wallet is the perfect way to store your Touriva Coins. It also enables you to setup Touriva Masternodes.

Download Ubuntu


Github is the place where we collaborate and upgrade the Touriva Source code you can also find older releases and versions here.

Go to Github
alternative Downloads

More Touriva related downloads such as Wallet config files, Bootstraps and Touriva-cli wallets can be found on our download portal. See our alternative downloads.

Meet the team

Meet the team behind Touriva.

Simon James Odell


As founder and lead developer, Simon is responsible for the development of the upcoming Touriva booking app. Simon has been building web applications for over 20 years and is specialized in NodeJS/VueJS and Quasar.

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Martin Schillhorn


Martin takes care of day to day operations and frontend web development. Martin uses his strengths in business planning and UI / UX design to continually build, adapt, and expand the TOURIVA network.

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Tariq Manilla

community manager

Tariq strives to lead TOURIVA to success through our marketing and advertising campaigns,   While actively engaging our community to further our grassroots and philanthropic efforts.

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