"The World is Yours"

A globally distributed and autonomous travel and tourism agency.

TOURIVA is a globally distributed corporation supported by the blockchain. Tourists can use the TOURIVA app to book vacations with hosts spread around the world. Payment for the vacation is made using TOUR coin which can be traded as a commodity by investors through our own exchange, Crex24, and in the future through other popular online cryptocurrency trading platforms. TOURIVA plans to create a globally distributed travel and tourism network with independent providers around the world collaborating through the blockchain to provide a pleasing and uniform travel experience. Our goal is to provide a seamless end-user experience for tourists using TOURIVA.

The cryptocurrency revolution has brought about new possibilities in how business will be conducted online. For the first time it’s possible to create a new type of corporation, one that operates globally and autonomously with agents worldwide offering a service to customers following a franchise-like model for uniformity, co-operating through a web-based architecture and commonly sharing in the benefits of financially interacting through a shared coin which is redeemable at all locations worldwide for travel and tourism services.TOUR coins are intended for use with the upcoming TOURIVA travel and tourism application which will facilitate collaborators worldwide to provide a uniform travel and tourism experience.

Starting simply with bed spaces for backpackers, TOURIVA aims to use the power of deflationary cryptocurrency to fund the creation of a world-class leisure and tourism service, TOURIVA locations will vary in scale initially starting with simple bed spaces for backpackers, and culminating in an end goal of opening world-class luxury TOURIVA branded resorts in attractive and exotic locations. Tourists using the app will be found using classical online marketing methods and for the most part, will likely be unaware that the system uses cryptocurrency under the hood. Travelers will therefore for the most part be unlikely to care about the current market price of TOUR coin, instead, their focus will be on the USD cost of the booking they wish to make. It will be of no consequence to them if their booking costs 10 TOUR or 1000 TOUR, as the USD price they pay will not be

 affected. It will be of no consequence to them if their booking costs 10 TOUR or 1000 TOUR, as the USD price they pay will not be affected. The practicality of this is that no matter how high the price of TOUR coin gets, end users will still be buying them in order to place their accommodation orders, and the more tourists get served in a given period the higher the value the coin will attain.

The Touriva system

The TOURIVA system will center around an online web-based ecosystem comprising of:          

The TOURIVA exchange

The exchange will facilitate transactions from fiat and crypto-currency into TOURIVA and out again, and provide a mechanism for the system to be able to correctly purchase, allocate and sell coins as required by end-user and host activity.

The TOURIVA Bookings App 

This is where bookings for accommodation and other tourist services will be made, there is no plan currently to charge for the service of connecting tourists and hosts, however if in   future if it is deemed necessary to do so, for instance to cover promotional or other costs the  fees will be kept to a minimal level in order to remain strongly competitive in the marketplace. It is believed that all costs for running the system will be possible to raise   through a simple “promoted items” type of fee structure.

Hosting providers will create listings on the App through the TOURIVA portal, and specify how they wish to be paid;

1) Instant cash out - This will be discouraged, as will work by automatically selling  the host’s TOURIVA earnings on the internal exchange for the current best ask price which is not guaranteed to be similar to the current sell price, and is dependent on market conditions option will also come with a greater listing fee which has yet to be determined.

2) Balanced cash out – This will be a safer option for hosts; under this schema the system will place the host’s TOUR coin earning’s for sale on the internal exchange at a price set such that they receive the full amount they specified on the booking. The host will be informed that depending on market conditions it may take some time for their coins to be sold on to the next set of tourists.

3) Investment plan – This will be the recommended option. The host will be able to specify how much to sell their coins for, be that 120% or 2000%, the system will pay out the amount they specify if and when the spot price for TOURIVA coins has reached their goal when choosing for this plan the host will also be able to take advantage of a lower listing fee which has yet to be determined

Coin Distribution

The initial coin distribution is not yet complete. There is a premine of 1,210,000 coins. 460,000 coins were used for the chain swap. 250,000 coins are allocated as a founder's reward. The remaining 500,000 coins are allocated to negotiation of future funding deals, bounties, giveaways, and payments for participation in the early stages of network preparation.TOURIVA is a low-cap cryptocurrency based on Dash, supported by a masternode network which is currently over 500 in number. Only 3,126,195 TOURIVA coins will ever be created. Our value is determined by supply and demand, as with most commodities the fewer the supply the greater the demand.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique. Duis cursus, mi quis viverra ornare, eros dolor interdum nulla, ut commodo diam libero vitae erat. Aenean faucibus nibh et justo cursus id rutrum lorem imperdiet. Nunc ut sem vitae risus tristique posuere.

TOURIVA is based in Dubai's commodity trading district, which is managed by the DMCC. The DMCC are currently setting up a cryptocurrency incubation and acceleration scheme, along the lines of the Swiss model, and they aim to be a world-class crypto-currency friendly trading and innovation hub. TOURIVA was conceived and founded with this fact in mind and with the aim of TOURIVA coins being one of the first coins officially traded within the DMCC crypto space. Having worked in Almas Tower, JLT, Dubai for the last 3 years, the Founder of this project Simon James Odell is well positioned to introduce the project to various high net worth individuals who currently trade commodities such as precious metals and diamonds. Given the rise in awareness recently for the crypto-currencies within the DMCC and the recent addition of a cryptocurrency trading license to the available business types offered by the DMCC, makes us confident that large investments can be procured once TOURIVA’s presence is sufficiently established.

Meet The Team

Martin Schillhorn

[email protected]
As Co-Founder Martin has been around from the beginning of the TOURIVA Project. As project manager Martin takes care of day to day operations and frontend web development.
Martin uses his strengths in business planning and UI / UX design to continually build, adapt, and expand the TOURIVA network.

Simon James Odell

[email protected]
Simon has been building websites and web applications for over 20 years and has been interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology for over 7 years. Whilst capable of launching a cryptocurrency at any point, it wasn't until the idea for Touriva was found that Simon felt he had a business plan worthy of taking forwards and investing the time and effort required to bring it to market. A keen traveller himself Simon has been to many awesome places and hopes to visit many more in the future.

Tariq Manilla

[email protected]
As an early adopter Tariq has been a strong contributor, mentor, and investor since the early stages of the Touriva network. He strives to lead TOURIVA to success through our marketing and advertising campaigns,  While actively engaging our community to further our grassroots and philanthropic efforts

Legal Disclaimer

Cryptocurrency is aimed at experienced professionals who are used to blockchain technology, cryptocurrency trading and trading other market instruments such as stocks, derivatives, and forex markets. By participating in TOURIVA, the purchaser is aware and accepts the risks related to security, the potential lack of economic results. Finally, the purchaser declares being aware of the legal uncertainty of this type of transaction and to have conducted his own legal guidance according to the applicable law to which they subscribe. Any buyer purchasing TOUR Coin acknowledges the technological and economic uncertainty of the project presented in this White Paper. Therefore, purchasers are aware of the absence of any legal action against the company in case of failure, nonperformance or non implementation of the project, as well as in the case of the TOUR coin losing part or even the totality of its value. Purchase of the TOUR coin confers the ability to use the coming TOURIVA.Info platform services. No other rights are transferred upon the coin purchase. Precisely, the company’s only obligation is to distribute the TOUR coin under the conditions defined in the White Paper.

“With all Cryptocurrency do your own research”