Touriva is a global distributed corporation which is supported by a blockchain based crypto-currency similar to BitCoin. Tourists can use our app to select and book vacations with hosting providers who are spread around the world. Payment for the vacation is made using Touriva Coins which can be traded as a commodity by investors through our own Exchange and in future through other popular online crypto-currency trading platforms.

Our goal is to provide a seemless end user experience where the majority of tourists using Touriva will likely never know or care that the system is powered by crypto.

To store Touriva coins you will need to either download the Touriva wallet software from the download page, or sign up for the Web Wallet. Please note that while every precaution has been taken to secure the web wallet, it is inherently less secure than storing Touriva Coins on your own computer or creating a paper wallet to store them in a safe. If you are considering holding significant amounts of Touriva, it is strongly recommended therefore that you either create a paper wallet or download the wallet and make a backup to keep your coins in a safe place.

For more information on how to create a paper wallet Click Here

For details on how to make a backup of your wallet.dat from the software wallet Click Here

For the technically inclined, investment in Touriva can be used to support the Touriva network and gain rewards by operating 'Masternodes' or by doing Mining. For more information click on the Masternodes and Mining links above.